Reference in vehicle inspection centres

The main focus of our company is road safety. With its strong presence in the north of Portugal allied to 21 years of business experience in Vehichle Inspection Centres, allows Autochavemor S.A. now under the brand of GlobalTest to make a stand and be a reference at national level. Now with 5 centres the company excels by its respon

The inspection centre in Vila Nova de Gaia, that has opened in 1994 operates as headquarters of the company as well, and has recently enlarged its facets to Optional, Periodic, Extraordinary and License plate attribution Inspections, whether for light or heavyweight vehichles.

“We started 2016 being able to render every service available on vehichle inspection.” – Nuno Azevedo, Centre Manager

The B centre in Vila Nova de Gaia is the most recent investment of GlobalTest, with two lightweight and one heavyweight veichle platforms.

Our centre is located at Rua Senhor de Matosinhos, in this city. It provides services to all the comunity.

The new platform is dedicated to extraordinary, license plate attribution, licensing of child transportation and petrol to gas conversion inspections.

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